Saturday, September 22, 2007

SMC Binder Stuffing

Next week is our annual SMC (Store Manager's Conference). This is where we host all of our Factory Store Store Manager's for the week and present a ton of information, party and support our community by volunteering for the day at preset locations. It is a lot of fun, I get to see all of my friends from the Orlando area again, but it also is a lot of work.

On Thursday, after getting all of the finalized Holiday marketing info into our 60pg Holiday packet, I scrambled to find a printer to turn this around in less than 24 hours since our in-house copy center could not handle the job. Enter Mollet Printing. I called my contact explaining what we needed and they said, "no problem". They kicked ass in printing 170 sets, 60pgs per set and 3-hole punched within 24 hours.

After receiving our printed packets, next up was the fun part - stuffing them in to 170 binders for Monday's kick off. The above photos are the binders at our stuffing party late Friday afternoon.

Stay tuned this week for more posts on SMC activities - on Wednesday evening is our "Winter Formal", which should be a wild and fun evening...


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