Monday, March 10, 2008


We made a team visit to the Lincoln City Factory Store prior to their Grand Opening on March 11th. It is only a 2 hour drive away so we all hopped in to the "Grocery Getter" (see below).

I got to relax in the backseat of the "Grocery Getter"- was a bit bored so I took a photo of myself and sent it to my peeps on groovr, twitxr and Facebook.

We finally arrive to the store and Erica realized she forgot her camera. I happened to hit the video record button on my camera and told her, "don't worry I've saved the day" - which she confirmed.

For lunch we hit up the only restaurant (mexican) that was open in this small town on a Monday at 1:30p... And with Menudo on the weekends, this must be one happening place during those days!

With food in our stomach, we were energized to finish the remaining items on our list. Thank goodness we had that energy - we did not leave the store until 6:30p or so...


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