Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ohio St - Michigan Rufflings

So, every Thursday morning we have a radio show (KAOS) and this week the show had some of our Summer interns. I did not get to listen to the show, but from what I had heard from my co-worker the U of Michigan intern started trash talking Ohio St and speaks to a video on YouTube promoting the Human Race. My co-worker is a fan of Ohio St, mind you...

This co-worker who we will call, "Kathy", got a chuckle out of it at the beginning, but the intern kept going and going and ultimately became obnoxious. Later in the day was the Thirst Thursday Mud Relays outside. "Kathy" and I (with camera in hand) take a stroll out to the event. I am doing my thing taking video and catch this girl fall in the pool during the relay. We watch the video over and over laughing and discover the girl falling is the U of Michigan intern talking smack earlier on the radio.

We get back to our desks and "Kathy" mentions the YouTube video, pulls it up and we watch, once again annoyed. Me being the most familiar with the web, recognizes we can post a response to her video with the one of her falling. Hence, the creation of the video below...

All in good fun :)

The funny thing of it all..? I hate both of these teams. I am a fan of the Florida Gators and oh yeah this guy:

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