Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lisa's Lunch Celebration

Another CELEBRATION today! That's 2 in a row this week. Today's lunch event was to wish the best for Lisa in her new role starting on Monday, February 15th.

The surprise lunch was at the Joan Benoit Building specifically in the Bowdin Room. We had an excellent hostess who greeted us and took our coats. As we waited for everyone to show up, we ordered our drinks and talked about how many of us had never been in or seen the Bowdin Room. About 5 minutes later Lisa walked in with a coworker and we all yelled, "Surprise"!

Lunch was excellent! Our set lunch menu was:
• Tarheel Salad
• Chicken & Salmon
• Chefs choice Starch & Veggies
• Dessert
• Choice of 2 beverages

Once we were all stuffed from the wonderful food & dessert we presented Lisa with a collage of photos from past events & get togethers. I was able to catch her reaction in the video below (excuse the shakiness of the camera).


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